14 Best Tips & Ideas On How To Soften The Back Of New Shoes

1) Try Socks And Insoles

Insoles and socks are one of the most beneficial and straightforward ways for softening a shoe. It provides decent comfort to the feet for walking, running and movement. There are some customized shoes in the market that fits precisely to the foot. Moreover, if you use insoles with socks, then we are sure you will figure out your problem. On the other hand, it will also maintain the posture of your foot.

All you need is grab a reasonable insole for your foot of good quality. In this way, you will make your shoes soft, no matter they are new or old. There is some common type of insoles that you should know. If you are an athlete or loves to wear sneakers, then thicker souls will be right for you. But, if you like to wear sandals and canvas shoes, then nothing is best than thinner insoles.

Some of the people feel complications in choosing. If you are one of them, then we will recommend you to consult with shoe experts or cobblers. They will determine some right insoles for you after analyzing your foot.

try socks and insoles

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2) Wear Thick Socks

Thick padded socks only need some steps for adjusting in a pair of shoes. After wearing them, you will not bottom of the shoes. They help the foot to keep in position and increase space in the shoe from each side. In this way, you will make some room in your shoes and air crossing as well. You will be surprised after knowing that, athletes and marathon runner use this technique which is quite useful and straightforward.

The best thing about this technique is that it also reduces pain that a person face during various exercise. They come in various levels for different sizes. In this way, you made your shoes comfortable and soft without harshing your feet. But before choosing, you need to do some research on quality and effectiveness also. There are some pads in the market that are clinically tested. You can go for them.

Wear Thick Socks

3) Use Wooden Inserts In Your Shoes

Wooden inserts? What does that mean? Seriously? These are the question that will come in your mind if you are not aware of wooden inserts. It is an ancient technique that people use for making a shoes interface wider. All you need to do is insert wooden in your shoes. By this, you will create enough space in your toe area and back-end also. On the other hand, it also keeps a pair of shoe in a flexible position as much as possible.

Buying a wooden insert may cost some bucks but trust us, they perform well in maintaining the shape of the shoe. Moreover, you need to know that wooden inserts come in different sizes. You can buy them from various online stores and physical stores also. The best thing that we love about this technique is that they even made polishing uses more friendly and comfortable.

4) Stretch Spray

These types of shoes are specifically used for stretching leather shoes. You can make these types of stores at home or even can buy from stores for saving time. They tend to stretch with excessive use. So, the best way to try shoe fastly, use as much as you can. Some people suggest wearing leather shoes in wet condition. But we will not prefer you. There are many disadvantages to wearing wet shoes. 

First, it will lose its shape. Second, you will lose the original shine of shoes. You can use this spray for every kind of leather shoe. It can be used for women also. By combining a wooden insert and spray, you can efficiently increase the size of the shoe, which will give you enough comfort and space.

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5) Hair Dryer

You may never hear of this method but trust me; this method is one of the highly effective technique you will ever experience. The logic is simple: if we give some heat to an object, it will start expanding. This same process comes in shoes softening and comfort. All you need is a hairdryer at low speed. Wear your socks and stretch out your toe as much as you can. Start hairdryer and blow air from all sides around the shoe.

Let it cool and after some time remove your feet. If you achieve this in one trial, you are okay to wear. But if you still feel the uncomfortable environment in the shoe, then repeat this process several times until you succeed. For instant effect, use some spray and thick socks.

use hair dryer

6) Apply Some Freezing

This technique uses frozen water which expands the size of the shoe. Fill two water bags with water and put both of your shoes in them. After that, place the bag in a freezer. Once you feel that water is changing is the temperature to freeze. You will indeed feel that it is expanding.

By repeating this method, you will make your new shoes soft. But, keep in mind that bags should be in good condition. Some people use bags with holes which drips out the water. In the result, they didn’t get satisfied result and waste their time also.

7) Oils

Using oils on your shoes helps to maintain the shine and quality of shoes as long as possible. They are one of the best methods that leather product demands. If you did not know much about oils, then let me tell, glycerin and castor oils are two top of the line oils that contain high-fat content.

All you need to do is add some oils and rub it. Once the oil gets soaked, the leather becomes soft, and you can stretch it as much as you can. Using will maintains the brand new look of shoes without compromising the quality.

8) Use Alcohol

You can use ordinary types of alcohol because it works exactly like stretch sprays. It requires the same method as you read in the stretch spray. There are many ways of using alcohol for stretching and comforting, but the effective one is to soak socks in alcohol and wear it. Let the alcohol evaporate and enjoy the flexible size of the shoe without compromising on quality.

Keep in mind that this method is only suitable for canvas only. If you are thinking to apply it for a formal style, then you are going to ruin the shoe quality. By using alcohol, keep in mind about one factor. You have to use alcohol that dries faster because if it doesn’t. Then you will disturb the quality of shoes.

9) Soap Rubbing

Soap can be used for different purposes. Softening leather is one of them. Yes, you heard, right. You can stretch and flex your new shoes by rubbing soap. If you want to prevent blisters in your shoes, then we will recommend you to use soap inside of the back area. Rub the soap on whatever site you want and let it soft. Repeat this technique until you get desired softness.

10) Shoe Treatments

Proper treatment of shoes not only make the shoe look branded, but it also prevents cracking of leather shoes. Without the appropriate conditioning of shoes, it becomes to difficult for a product to stay last longer. Check out some DIY shoe care which you can almost do with simple tools and products.

11) Cleaning

Before starting this process, make sure you layout newspaper and wear gloves. Using these precautions will be suitable for your safety. It would be even better if you do your treatment session in a ventilated area. First of all, remove all of the dirt from the top and sides of the shoes, If you feel difficulty in cleaning, then use soap. Secondly, use a soft brush and pay serious attention to the cracks. After doing this process, let it dry and wipe it with a clean cloth.

12) Condition Your Shoes

Protect your shoes from cracking and drying by using moistures and conditioners. First, choose top quality conditioner brand, because many brands in the market stand perfect for various purposes. Once you decide, use a small amount of conditioner and wipe it. Let it absorb because it will need proper hydration.

13) Use Traditional Polish

Shoe polish comes in many states. They can be in solid form, a liquid form, in sprays, in creams and even in pastes. Liquid polish mostly dries quickly. On the other hand, polish paste last longer. Moreover, the cream polish is easy to use and comes in many colours. Now it depends on you and your quality of shoe which type you want and what will be suitable for you. You can find such types of polish products from shoe stores and hardware stores.

Use Traditional Polish

14) Weatherproofing

Weatherproofing your leather shoe will maintain the quality of the shoe. Many weather elements low down the shoe quality. Different weatherproofing products serve for other purposes. Let’s suppose. If you mostly use your boots in wet conditions, then you should apply a beeswax product. It will work as a shield and defend water. The best thing about these types of products is that they are invisible.

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Some Top Brands Of Leather Shoes

1) Salvatore Ferragamo Italia

Salvatore Italia is a world-famous brand for more than three-quarters of the last century. This luxury brand has the nickname “shoemaker”. It provides a vast range of innovative leather shoes. Moreover, they also design other products and accessories for men and women. Their network of Ferragamo retails, and outlets have branches worldwide.

2) John Lobb

Here we come with another top brand of the world that has been leading industry for 150 years. Their innovations are one step ahead from custom trends. They mostly design ready-to-wear products. Moreover, they are well-known in comfort, durability and fitting. The craftmanship in john Lobb hand made shoes provides luxury feelings. This brand made not only innovative products for men but also women.

3) Gucci

Gucci is a well-known brand that every person wants to wear in their life. Their continued popularity is increasing day by day. It is a luxury brand of 21st century. No one has ever beaten Gucci in their products. They craft high-quality leather shoes and stands top of the line in the fashion house. Gucci was founded in 1921. It represents expensive leather shoes and generates handsome revenue. They are in the top 10 brands in the world.

4) Cole Haan

Cole Haan is a top brand that sets high standards of quality and provides the most comfortable pair of shoes. The best thing about this brand is that they provide outstanding quality in a price that every reasonable person can afford. In the last few years, they earned a handsome reputation and a public appearance as a lifestyle brand. This brand was established in 1928. You will feel ever more confident after knowing that Nike owns this brand. On the other hand, Nike adds air technology to its shoe production for uplift quality and comfort.

5) Church’s England

The leather shoes of Church’s England utilise unique construction method, which is versatile and durable. They offer a variety of leather shoes nowadays in their top list. They are mostly famous because of loafer manufacturing, oxfords brogues and boots.

6) Santoni

The next brand on our top of the list is of santoni, they mostly use calfskin material for shoe manufacturing. The quality of raw material and the lightweight construction they feature in their product is another positive factor of this brand. The origin of their products locates in italy. Moreover

Some Common Myths About Insole

Some Common Myths About Insole

1) It Weakens Your Feet

The most common myth about using insoles is that they weaken the feet. But that is wrong, they are designed to provide support to foot arch, and they prevent flattening on the ground. Moreover, they are beneficial for arch exercises and strengthening muscles. By using them, your feet come in an optimal condition which helps the muscle to function precisely and correctly. On the other hand, an expert of physical therapist concluded that using insoles enables a person to relax and relieve the tension of muscles. Moreover, they also prevent many diseases such as plantar fasciitis.

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2) They Cause Pain

The second myth is also wrong. Using insoles only cause a little bit of discomfort in earlier stages. But, after some weeks, they will adjust according to your feet, and you will not cause any foot pain. If you are new to insoles, then we will recommend you to wear insoles only 2-3 hours daily. Increase the time duration gradually, and you will not face any problem by using this way. You need to keep in mind one thing while exercising, try to avoid intense postures while wearing insoles. Those who said such kind of myths are not fooled, but, they only have a lake of education and knowledge about the topic. The insoles provide the treatment of removing pain from heels and toes. Now you think about how this can be possible that they cause pain in the foot? No way.

The other positive feature of using insoles is that they reduce excess weight in feet and maintains perfect balance.

3) They Are Not Necessary

There are a bunch of people who says that insoles are not necessary. We are going to provide them wrong with the logic. If you face flat or even high arches, you need support which you can get by using insoles. Moreover, they are one of the best treatment in terms of high arches. So if you want to give some relief to your feet during running and exercise, you should use insoles and be habitual to it.