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1- Replace The Insoles Of Shoes

If you had a pair of shoes that do not fit accurately, you need to collaborate with new insoles. According to my research on the internet and many people’s feedback, 80% do not even know what the insole is.


Insoles are the soft pads located inside of the shoes to provide your feet comfort, warmth, and support for wearing on hiking and other purposes. The manufacturing of insoles had different variants depending on the type and quality of shoes. But, usually, the insoles had manufacturing of foams and leather.

So if you had made a terrible mistake of purchasing the big size shoes in the charm of design, all you need to do is buy a high-quality suitable insole that fits ideal. But don’t forget that every variant of insole works for different purposes. If you are looking for a snug fit with good stability, then foam insole will be perfect for you.

On the other hand, leather insoles provide moisture-free space with breathability in shoes. The third most important type of insole is the gel that can absorb shocks and reduce joint pain.

Note: It would be best to try the type of insoles that we mention before purchasing a particular type of oversized shoes.

2- Try To Wear Thick Socks

The other common and easiest way of making the shoes smaller is to wear thick socks. It is one of the cheapest and effective footwear hacks that you should know if you trap yourself in such a problem.

Doubling the pair of socks will cover some space in the shoe, and at least you will not slip yourself because of a big shoe pair. The other alternate way of covering shoe space is using a thick layer pad that will cover all the areas in shoes. But the drawback of this hack is that it will only work in trainers and shoes, not in sandals and heels.

We recommend that you not wear thick socks in the summer season; this hack is only for winters. If you try to wear thick socks, even double in summer, your feet will sweat a lot, and the breathability will vanish.

Instead of wearing double socks in summer, you should try soft materials like cotton in the footwear area. If you are feeling uncomfortable with cotton, then use tissue papers or toilet papers. Now you will probably think that how we know this hack will work correctly for us or not?

Well, if your feet slide back and forth during movement, then this hack is working great. You can even stuff the shoe wherever you feel comfortable, depending on the type of shoe.

Wear Thick Socks

3- Use Water To Shrink Shoes

Some types of shoes can shrink in the water or even in leather conditioners. You can make this simple hack easier by simply air-drying the wet shoes. This will result in shrinking, so you need to carefully do this action because you may damage the pair of shoes you wish to wear if you cannot do so. 

After wetting the shoe in the water, allow the sun to dry the pair of shoes, or you can use a hairdryer at a low setting with some distance. If you do not balance some distance between the airflow, you may damage your desired shoe’s leather.

Note: You can feel the difference by doing this process one time, but if you are still not satisfied, then you can make this process several times unless you find the right size for your feet. For more convenience, you can find many tutorials on YouTube regarding the shrinking of shoes in water.

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4- Stitching Of An Elastic Bands

If you are good at stitching and sewing, then this hack will be ideal for you. Otherwise, we will not recommend you to try this hack.

By stitching the elastic band, we mean to create a tight-fitting by pulling them together to the shoe’s heel area. For stitching, all you need is a needle with thread and an elastic band. After applying such a technique, you can make yourself a best fitting shoe, your desired edition.

5- Take Your Product To Cobbler

It is best to do all the hacks by yourself, but sometimes it is best and suitable to let the professionals do the job because they are experts. On the other hand, it would be best for you to take your product of such shoe to the professional cobbler if it is expensive and of high quality because you may also not want to spoil the edition for your home experiments on such expensive products.

We recommend letting professional cobblers do these jobs in simple meanings, and you should spend some money on the services if you want the perfect fitting because that money is worth the benefits.

6- Shoe Fillers

Shoe filler is a great way to close the space in the shoe for too long. You can easily use this product with foot cushions for a more tight grip and traction even in loose or oversized shoes. The best thing about this product is that it comes in different sizes instead of custom, enabling every person to cover the space of their feet.

7- Footie With Socks

If you wish to wear long trousers and jeans with the big shoes that you purchased, then our #7-How To Made Shoes Smaller is long socks. They provide you with many benefits like a perfect fit with warmth as well if you choose the perfect one. You can double your socks in this footie product, which hides the socks under jeans.

8- Tongue Pads

The tongue pads of shoes are another product, a simple life hack that costs some bucks. They are not much famous, but they will perform perfectly for your big size shoes.

You can easily place them under your boots’ laces, which enables you to wear them in narrow shape. There are thousands of right quality products that you can find on Amazon or eBay as well.

Tongue Pads

How To Make Big Shoes Fit?

The above article is all about how to make shoes smaller? We also had a vast knowledge of making a perfect fit for a big shoe for your convenience. No matter what the occasion is, comfortable is always the priority of everyone.

Sometimes we buy shoes which is the last one of our favorite edition but is bigger. Don’t feel hopeless; you can make that big size fit your feet with simple hacks that we will reveal.

Reasons That Made Shoes Unfit

Here are some reasons that made shoes unfit

1- Storage

You should pay attention to the closet or storage where you store your shoes that you wear rarely. Don’t forget to consider the quality of shoes that are exposed to extreme weather conditions. This will affect the fitting and the quality of shoes as well.

Most of us trash out the wrong boxes. You can use those boxes and can store your shoes in them. This will maintain the original shape of shoes, and you can wear them in the long-term as well.

2- Unboxing & Packaging

The packaging is the most important thing for maintaining the shape of the shoe. Sometimes, when we order the product, they don’t make the packaging in the right way, which causes the shoe’s body to unfit. But luckily, you can maintain the shape of shoes by stuffing them overnight.

3- Changes In Life

Sometimes we go through some critical conditions in our lives, such as pregnancy or even an accident. This is the prominent reason we recommend you measure your feet every single time to go for purchasing.

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Solution To Overcome These Issues

Here are few solutions to overcome these issue that made shoes unfit.

1- Shoe Strips

Shoe strips are the best options for those who don’t want to disturb their comfort with full-length inserts. You can use them with any type of shoes because they are adjustable. The best thing about them is that they stay in their original position without sliding.

Shoe Strips

2- Let Your Shoes Wet

This method is only applicable to certain types of materials like suede or canvas. It would be best if you know the kind of shoe material. You don’t need to shrink the whole product. All you need is to wet the area that you find bigger. After that, let the area dry in the sun or with a hairdryer.

3- Adjust The Laces Of Shoes

The adjustment of big shoes can be more effortless if they have laces. It secures your feet and prevents slipping during movements. The best thing about the shoes is that you can tighten them with many different patterns according to your need and demand.

Some Useful Tips To Avoid Buying Big Shoes

1- Measure The Size Of Your Feet

The most important thing is the measurement. You can visit local stores near you and can buy the exact size you want. But, you need to measure the size more accurately when it comes to online shopping and match it with the given chart of sizing.

2- Consider Width And Read Product Description

When it comes to online buying, more information and reviews can help you analyse its quality and size. Moreover, the manufacturers also mentioned the sizing and material of the product that you want. On the other hand, some of the products are also mentioned by their width. Some of the manufacturers also tell whether the product has a broader length or not.

Bottom Line

We hope that you can finally live a stress-free life with your favorite pair of shoes with our brief explanation of this problem. Above in the article, we almost mentioned some life hacks that will not cost you money. But, some of them will cost you a few bucks if you do not want to experiment with your expensive pair with your DIY skills. 

If you are looking for an honest suggestion, then we will highly recommend you to take your boots to the professional cobblers because they know a better solution of your problem. On the other hand, shrinking the pair of shoes in the water is also an inexpensive and quick solution that enables you to shrink your shoes from wherever you want.

By ending this explanation, you should know that if you had joint pain and mistakenly purchased a big size, we had mentioned some kind of insoles that you buy from local stores or even from online platforms like amazon to maintain the shape of your expensive beauty.