Brooks Transcend 7 Running Shoes

Brand Brooks
Model Transcend 7
Midsole drop 10mm
Experience type Cushion
Use Road Running
Color Black/Ebony/Grey

Brooks Transcend 7 is, no doubt, the best running shoes available for forefoot strikers. It is a perfect pair of shoes and can act as your everyday long run trainer or workhorse. It is because these shoes are equipped with special DNA loft cushioning that helps in providing a comfortable and softer ride for your legs. 

Whenever you feel like your body is tearing up or you are feeling pain in your legs while running, Brooks Transcend 7 is something you are missing. These shoes can be a solution to these problems because of their stability and fantastic cushioning system. The shoe’s soft and spineless platform makes it one of the best forefoot cleats for long runs.

The Brooks Transcend 7 has a lot of midsole, whether in the front or rear. This is very important in providing cushioning and smooth motion against the foot-strike pattern. To reduce the friction while landing or to overcome non-jarring landings, the forefoot is provided with a rubber outsole. The midsole of this shoe is very supportive and helpful throughout its length therefore, the Brooks Transcend is also known as the stability shoe.

This excellent shoe is less soft in the heel as compared to the forefoot due to the addition of the guide rail system in the midsole. Most of the forefoot strikers felt more confident and less wobbly when running in these shoes and rated the Brooks Transcend “the best” in terms of stability and cushioning.

Key Features

  • Plush fit
  • Super soft cushioning
  • Different colors available
  • Reconfigured midsole
  • Internal stretch bootie and 3D fit print
  • Highly stable


The Brooks Transcend 7 is very adaptive and is used by a large number of footwear strikers for long runs. It is not overly firm and can also be used to walk around. However, be aware of its fluffy backside while running fast.

  • Comfortable without being overly bulky
  • Creates a smooth ride
  • Durable and stable platform
  • Highly comfortable
  • Medium-weight shoe
  • Rubbered outsole
  • Narrow width
  • Laces are overly soft

HOKA ONE ONE Men’s Bondi 6 Running Shoes

Model Bondi 6
Type Cushioning
Heel Drop 33 mm
Colors Black, white, grey, blue, frost, lead, orange

The Bondi is Hoka One One’s best and the most cushion providing forefoot striker shoe. Now in its 6th version, it has undergone many changes and is probably the best of all the Bondi’s models. To provide a smoother ride, it is updated with excellent cushioning and its upper is made with engineered mesh and lycra, which provides a plush feeling as well.

Compared to its previous models, Bondi 6 running shoes have gained some more weight and some modifications have been made to the early meta-rocker design to ensure a softer ride that feels pillowy soft. This reliable forefoot cleat consists of a full EVA midsole and overall provides a comfortable and easygoing motion. 

The lateral side of its outsole has a greater amount of rubber compared to its previous models. This slight modification is important because the lateral side is where the impact typically occurs. The meta-rocker shape is really important in providing soft and less bouncing cushioning. 

Hoka one one Men’s Bondi 6 running shoes have a wide base that makes it highly stable. Reviews of most of the forefoot strikers reveals that it is an excellent shoe for long distance and recovery runs. You’ll never feel sorry after buying these fabulous shoes and your feet will always be happy running.

As discussed earlier, Bondi 6 comes with new engineered mesh that is specially used for better durability and stability. The mesh is a soft material and to enhance breathability, it has specific cutouts. However, it still does its job brilliantly, I’d say that the mesh used in the upper is slightly of less quality as compared to that of Bondi 5.

Key Features

  • Rubber sole
  • Padded insole for cushioning
  • Durable full-length EVA midsole
  • New engineered mesh material
  • Softer and a wide base
  • Two-layered foam midsole


Overall, Bondi 6 is a great upgrade to the bondi line and is definitely of higher quality and more comfortable that the others. This shoe is a workhorse which means that it can carry more weight.

  • Comfortable upper
  • New heel design
  • Soft and smooth ride
  • Inherent stability
  • Maximalist shoes
  • Less breathable mesh

Saucony Men’s Kinvara 11 Running Shoes

Brand Saucony
Model Kinvara 11
Type Lightweight
Heel Drop 4mm
Colors white, blackout, blue, slloy, yellow, citron

If you are looking for a pair of cleats that provides you with the expert balance of comfort and balance, Saucony Men’s Kinvara 11 is what you should be eyeing at. This shoe comes with a 4mm heel-to-toe offset and the ridges in its outsole do not pick up road debris, whether running on natural-surface paths or rocky-roads.

Kinvara 11 is an ideal forefoot shoe for long runs and tempos. Its ride is pretty smooth but snippy. Its previous model consists of a full-length EVA midsole but in this model, it has been replaced by the PWRRUN foam midsole. Also, an additional 5.5mm of foam is also present in Kinvara 11. There isn’t much of a difference between the two except the PWRRUN foam provides an excellent balance between the lightweight cushion and responsiveness. 

To keep the shoes weight down, very little rubber is used in the outsole however, the midsole foam is exposed to ground contact in this way. Blown rubber is only used in the most important areas such as under the lateral side of heel and under the toe. It helps in noticing the wear just after the first run and distributes shock evenly across the sole. To encourage smooth and straight transition from landing to toe-off, guidance lines are employed throughout the length of the outsole. Saucony Kinvara 11 also prevents your feet from various types of injuries and pains. If you want to know more about the shoes that relieves pain and are very comfortable and supportive, read out our article on Best Shoes for Metatarsalgia.

With specially engineered woven mesh, the upper feels very soft and smooth against the foot and moves naturally with every step. At the top shoe-lace eyelets, leather-like overlays are beautifully imprinted giving the shoe a premium touch. In Kinvara 11, the center shoe-lace eyelet has been removed to improve the feel of the shoe. The only drawback of these cleats is that the laces are too short and do not provide enough real estate work with.

Key Features

  • Imported
  • Flexible sole helps in transition from landing to take-off
  • PWRRUN foam midsole balances lightweight cushion and responsiveness
  • FORMFIT provides the best fit and feel from every angle
  • Specially engineered woven mesh


The Kinvara 11 is Saucony’s flagship shoe that provides high-performance comfort for athletes and forefoot strikers. Certain changes have been made in these shoes to improve its functionality and give it a premium feel.

  • Secured arch
  • Lightweight
  • Upgraded upper
  • Responsive and softer landing
  • Better-quality heel counter
  • Short laces
  • Not the best cleats for heavy heel strikers

New Balance Men’s Hierro v3 Fresh Foam Trail

Brand New Balance
Model Fresh Foam Hierro v3
Type Trail
Heel Drop 8mm
Colors Grey, black, yellow, dynomite, dark grey

The Hierro v3 is the latest and probably the best New Balance trail forefoot cleat. With the highest amount of cushion offered, these shoes are ideal for long-runs or sprints. At this price point and cushioning ability, Hierro v3 competes against the likes of Nike Terra Kiger, North Face Ultra Vertical, and Saucony Xodus ISO.

Hierro v3 uses high-quality materials to help you along the way and its sole unit is absolutely amazing. The midsole of these cleats consists of Fresh Foam used for padding. It also helps in providing a smooth feel for your feet and cushioning. The midsole has an a8mm drop and is stacked fairly high to allow for a pillowy feeling. The outsole of Hierro v3 consists of a material called Vibram. This material is not sticky and has a great grip on dirt, gravel, concrete, and snow. 

These running shoes consist of a wide base allowing for greater stability and a soft yet responsive ride. They can tackle all the given surfaces whether rocky, muddy, or grassy. As compared its previous models, the upper of Hierro v3 is completely restructured and is known as the sock-like upper. It consists of two durable materials that provides a supportive feeling and also increases breathability. 

To keep the upper as comfortable as possible, they use a material called Hyposkin. Just like many of the forefoot cleats, Hierro v3 also contains a layer of blown rubber across the toe to help with rocks and sticks and increase durability.

Key Features

  • Rubber sole
  • 100% synthetic
  • Bootie construction
  • Imported
  • No-sew material application
  • Fresh Foam midsole


Overall, Hierro v3 shows a different and unique side of New Balance trail offerings. Forefoot strikers reveals that these shoes can cover more than 170 miles on any given surface such as concrete, gravel, mud, dirt, grass, snow, or rocky roads.

  • Beautiful Vibram outsole
  • Tons of cushion for long runs
  • Sock-like upper keeps mud out
  • Wide platform provides extra stability
  • Quick turnover
  • Narrow trails can be hard to navigate due to wide base

HOKA ONE ONE Men’s Clifton 5 Running Shoe

Model Clifton 5
Type Running shoes
Heel Drop 5mm

This forefoot cleat is amazing when it comes to speed, I should say it is very very fast. It comes with an engineered mesh to optimize comfort and breathability. For the midsole, it uses a thick piece of EVA foam and from the side, it looks thicker than what actually sits beneath your foot. 

As compared to other models, the heel of Clifton 5 is fairly firm but still, it feels soft and smooth when you strike on the ground. On the other hand, the forefoot is remarkably pillowy. The rubber configuration under the foot is exceptionally engineered and a couple patches of rubber are also present at the back of the shoe. To reduce weight of the shoe and increase durability, more rubber is present in areas of high abrasions such as the forefoot.

Clifton 5 is different from its previous models in that it uses an elastic mesh in the upper which ensures proper flow of air inside the foot. The mesh also contains a 3D Puff Print Frame which enhances its durability. 

Key Features

  • Full-length EVA midsole
  • Elastic and engineered mesh
  • Lightweight rubber on outsole
  • Sole technology
  • Ideal for long-run
  • Meta-rocker geometry


If you are looking for cleats that are highly comfortable to wear, provide a soft and smooth motion, and are very fast, order Hoka One One Clifton 5 now!

  • Offers extra support
  • Wide toe box
  • Offers fantastic rebound
  • Durable and comfortable
  • High arch support
  • Little heavy
  • The shoe is a little stiff

Mizuno Men’s Wave Rider 22 Running Shoes

Brand Mizuno
Model Wave Rider 22
Heel Drop 12mm
Colors Black and Monument

From year to year, Wave Rider keeps on producing high-quality sports products and the latest one is the Mizuno Men’s Wave Rider 22 running shoes for forefoot strikers. Although it looks pretty similar to that of Wave Ride 21 but some key changes are being made in these cleats such as an updated upper and midsole for better breathability and smoother ride. Reviews from its users suggest that Wave Rider 22 are the softest and smoothest of all the Mizuno options while maintaining the firm feeling of the plate as well.

The brand’s X10 carbon rubber and the durable blown rubber is used in the construction of its outsole. The carbon rubber is applied in the heel area to reduce the pressure felt by the feet while landing and hence, increases the durability. The blown rubber is used in the forefoot to make the shoe feel lightweight and more flexible. 

The midsole of Mizuno Men’s Wave Rider 22 is made of a special material known as U4ic. It is not only lightweight in nature but also provides responsiveness, better performance, and resilience. This material also distributes force evenly and gives a soft underfoot feel.

These shoes are firmer than the other running shoes offered by various brands for forefoot strikers and have a beautiful Dynamotion Fit Design. The logo of Mizuno Wave Rider is printed on the lateral side and is made up of synthetic material.

Key Features

  • Blown and carbon rubber in outsole
  • Use of U4ic in the midsole
  • Sole technology
  • Dynamotion fit design
  • Imported
  • 100% synthetic
  • Lace-up closing system


So that’s all about the best shoes for forefoot strikers in our today’s article. These shoes have been selected after a thorough research and the reviews from the athletes that wore it. Hope you like it. For further such interesting and informative articles, stay tuned with us!

  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Enhanced comfort and responsiveness
  • Breathable upper
  • Fantastic cushioning
  • Softer and smoother
  • These cleats are very firm